The Red Bra Regatta - A Regatta Started by Women for Women 

A small group of women set out to compete against each other in the Jazz Cup several years back, all were not aware that one the groups husbands was PRO for the race.  As the gun went off and they charged to the start line, one of the women skippers jokingly felt her colleague had an unfair advantage and intended to protest the race.  And protest she did…with a red bra!  Well, not only was the protest registered but also the hilarious laughter created a distraction that helped her win race!  The friends continued the tradition for the next two Jazz Cups after which it inspired the idea to have a free standing all-woman’s race— a regatta in which only women could compete, elevate their skills and have unsurpassed fun!   Now in its 9th year—here’s a calling to all women— come compete!   Bring your boat or join a crew but don’t miss the 2020 race! October 17, 2020.

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